Website Relaunch

DeutschlandCard excels with a new online portal

The new web portal of the multi-partner bonus program DeutschlandCard went live in autumn 2013. Oestreicher+Wagner was responsible for the relaunch, including concept, design and the introduction of a new content management system. OE+W was able to win the account after a nationwide multi-stage pitch. The relaunch now means DeutschlandCard has an online portal focused on the needs of more than 13 million bonus program subscribers. A range of new functions makes it even more attractive to collect and redeem points.


One particular aspect was building a new website using responsive web design. Subscribers can now use the site conveniently on all devices such as computers, tablets or smartphones since it is always displayed in the optimum size. Subscribers can also activate company coupons directly online and print them. Other features are the website's user-friendly design and flexible supplementary payment options when redeeming points. It is now also possible to give a rating - particularly attractive products can be highlighted by awarding stars. Subscribers can select personal favourites, too, and they instantly see how many more points they need to collect. The introduction of a new CMS makes it easier for DeutschlandCard editors to maintain the website.


After the relaunch, the bonus program started a broad-based advertising campaign linked to the new TV series of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar": in addition to TV commercials, print advertising and a nationwide scratch card campaign, there is also an online game platform called "Perform like a star" to match the TV show. This rhythm-based game was also created entirely by Oestreicher+Wagner. As well as the idea and concept, game design, implementation and programming of a dedicated landing page was taken care of by OE+W. Page performance was a particularly high priority here: there are a very high number of page visits that need to be handled when the commercial is on during advertising breaks. The entire application was geared towards these peaks: not only were a range of performance measures applied but the server environment was adapted, too.

DeutschlandCard is a cross-sector multi-partner bonus program with more than 10,000 participating partner companies and over 250 online partners, allowing more than 13 million subscribers to collect and redeem points with their purchases.