McDonald's Deutschland Marketing portal

McDonald's - CI-compliant print materials

There are more than 1,400 McDonald’s restaurants throughout Germany. About 80 % of them are operated by franchisees. With numerous campaigns run at various times throughout the year and the various restaurants each requiring their own offers, marketing and production face a challenging task.

Given this situation, McDonald’s Germany has created a central platform for restaurant operators and franchisees that enables them to compile and produce their own advertising materials. A browser-based portal allows users to select the required materials and add their own details such as address, offer period, price etc. Some of the data is directly entered by the system at log-in.


This enables restaurant managers to compile and order entire individualised advertising campaigns - quickly and simply. Not only does this process save a lot of time and provide extended options for restaurant managers, it also enables McDonald’s Germany to ensure brand consistency since the templates can only be altered in line with corporate design.

There are currently around 100 different advertising materials and approx. 200 download assets in the system. This pool is constantly expanded with the addition of new templates. The portal also acts as a source of information for restaurant managers, enabling them to find out about new campaigns and materials.