McDonald's Deutschland National promotion

McDonald's – advertising materials for each store

Probably the world's best-known burger-maker, McDonald's has been around for more than 50 years and is one of the most valuable brands currently in existence. The company runs more than 25,000 restaurants worldwide – with over 1,400 branches in Germany alone. In addition to this there are more than 800 McCafés throughout Germany. As well as the familiar standard products, numerous specials are presented at various times throughout the year. They also have to be promoted in the stores: this is known as the national promotion.

In collaboration with Heye GmbH, Oestreicher+Wagner has produced the advertising materials for the national promotion and for local store marketing for McDonald's Germany for more than 40 years. The elements required for all advertising materials found in stores such as cash-desk stands, tension bands, translites and posters are first retouched then composed as required, after which the final artwork is prepared and the print data created. A production department with staff from Heye and Oestreicher+Wagner was established especially for this purpose, ensuring that the campaigns and advertising materials are supplied on schedule. Day-to-day work is based around the Media Center, an extensive, centralised media asset management system for all the latest visuals, documents and other files. The production database with over 10,000 assets guarantees that the freshest burgers are always presented in the restaurants.