Career nomads and job jugglers: please look the other way.

Number one in the market. And number one when it comes to passion.

You’re not market leader for nothing. Satisfied staff and satisfied customers are what it takes. In other words, when your job is not just your job but your passion.

At home in Bavaria. And all over the world.

Our list of customers is almost as long as our company history. And although we proud to be at home in Bavaria, our work can be found all over the world. Simply wherever our customers need us.

Our clients

Looks like a global player. Feels like a family business.

It's no coincidence that our company is named after its founders. Even though we operate globally, the atmosphere in our company is family-like.

Update yourself.

A new version of Android? A new printing process? It's easy to fall behind in the media sector. That's why not only our technology is always state-of-the-art but our staff is, too - thanks to training programs and professional development.

If you want a greenfield, we recommend the meadows alongside the River Isar.

Unlike most media companies, we are not based outside the city of Munich but right in at the heart of it. Easy to get to and in the middle of Giesing. After all, where your business is located is a question of the quality of life, too.

Live or work? Why choose?

We believe that work is important but by no means everything in life. Because you only get satisfied customers if you have satisfied staff.

We can get quite attached to our staff.

Really good work requires a lot of experience, especially in the media business. So is it surprising we emphasize long-term staff loyalty? We're a good example of the fact that continuity does actually exist in the media sector.

Oestreicher + Wagner + You

In our company, employees are more than just cogs in the machine. We like our staff to take an active role in the company. And move on from being a cog to becoming a driving force.